Technology Architects new website 2017

Technology Architects’ Updated Website Highlights Range of IT Solutions

Service Offerings Focus on Flexibility While Minimizing Cost and Preventing Technology Outages

Technology Architects, Inc. has launched an updated website that helps visitors better understand the choices they have in minimizing IT costs and preventing technology outages through services offered by the Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company.

The new site, found at, describes the variety of physical and virtual technology solutions the company is able to custom-design for its customers.

“Our services delivery model focuses on being highly flexible at the same time ensuring our customers’ systems remain in optimal working order,” said Casey Hawkinson, director of business development for Technology Architects. “Technology represents a major investment for most organizations, and our goal is to help customers maximize those assets and expenditures.”

Technology Architects offers a range of flexible services that can be either bundled into a budget-friendly monthly subscription package or billed in the traditional manner. The main objective in any case is to help customers determine which ongoing technology services they either do not want to handle or do not have the staff to handle.

Expertise in Physical and Virtual Technology Solutions

In addition to physical technology solutions such as cabling and hardware, Technology Architects’ team of experts and automated technology monitoring capabilities work around the clock to keep customer systems updated while staying in front of potential issues before they can develop.

Technology Architects offers a range of cloud-based solutions – some of which can be locally sourced – including backup and disaster recovery, cloud asset management, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and other cloud based services.

Providing businesses with communications flexibility is a primary area of expertise for Technology Architects. The company’s experience in designing IP telephony networks and integrating video conferencing helps organizations stay connected despite any geographic challenges.

“We can design systems that leverage the technology available in smartphones, tablets or workstations for immediate communications,” Hawkinson said. “We can even enhance efficiency and reduce personnel costs by creating a common receptionist number for organizations with multiple locations.”

About Technology Architects, Inc.

Technology Architects, Inc., founded in 1997, is a minority-owned technology solutions provider that serves businesses of all sizes throughout its home base of Wisconsin (USA) and around the world. The company provides cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions designed around its customers’ business plans. For more information or to request a quote, call 920-339-0555 or visit