Expert Cabling
for Any Situation

The prevalence of network-based systems in today’s business environments means your success rides on the quality of your cabling. Technology Architects provides expert cabling services for projects ranging from office retrofits and remodeling to new construction.

Our team can enhance or design complete low-voltage building infrastructures, and we work with contractors to implement a well-wired structure that meets all industry standards. Technology Architects has expertise in a variety of cabling assets including:

  • Cat. 5
  • Cat. 6
  • Low voltage
  • Audio
  • Fiber optic

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Many systems require cabling aside from your data and audio networks. Video surveillance systems have taken on a significant presence for a growing number of businesses, ranging from a single camera on the door to dozens of cameras covering a large campus.  Additional auxiliary systems can include:

  • Emergency warning systems
  • Off-hours notifications
  • Safety phones in parking areas

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