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Your organization relies on technology to maintain efficient operations, regardless of the services or products you provide. Whether it is communications for your team, systems networking, traditional computer networking, or simply using a variety of software tools in the normal course of doing business, your core business relies on technology to get things done.

Technology Architects has been a leader in the constantly changing world of technology since 1997, and we understand the challenges you face in staying current while avoiding a major hit to your budget. Our proactive approach to maintaining your technology assets and preventing outages helps you remain focused on what you do best while receiving a strong return on investment.

That is why large and small organizations around the world depend on Technology Architects to provide solutions that help them minimize downtime and maintain their competitive advantage.

Contact us to learn how we can help you through the cloud and maximize the value of your technology investments.

Service Features

Managed Services

Our team of experts and automated technology monitoring capabilities work 24/7/365 to keep your systems updated and in front of potential issues before they can develop.


Networking is a wide-ranging term that encompasses everything from network design to installation and implementation.

Cloud Solutions

An increasing number of organizations are moving to cloud-based technology solutions, and Technology Architects has the expertise and capability to help your company leverage this evolving medium.

Maintenance & Support

Your technology represents a significant asset on your business’s balance sheet. Technology Architects can help you optimize your investment.

VoIP Telephone Systems

Technology Architects continues to stay at the forefront of providing businesses with flexibility of communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet.


The prevalence of network-based systems in today’s business environments means your success rides on the quality of your cabling.

Backups/Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery strategies are a necessity rather than a luxury for businesses of any size.